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CSUN's Animation Program

The best indicator of a school's education is seeing the work that comes out of it's students. CSUN is ranked one of the top universities for students interested in pursuing a flourishing career in Animation. CSUN offers three essential animation tracks; 2D Design, 3D Animation and Game Development. 

2D Animation & Design Track

CSUN's 2D track provides students with a foundation in drawing, design and the essential software skills necessary to thrive in post-graduation careers. Students pursuing an artistic career in 2D animation enter the industry as storyboard revisionists, visual development, background design or painting, or as animators with a proficiency in flash and/or toonboom.

3D Animation & Modeling Track

CSUN's 3D Animation track prepares students for positions as Pre-Vis artists, character animators, CG modelers, texture painting and lighting artist. CSUN offers four core CG animation courses including Character Modeling and Character Animation.

Game Design Track

CSUN's Game Design course builds on 3D computer animation courses with two sequence game production classes. Students who complete the Game track take optional animation production, compositing, and character animation courses. Entry level positions for students who graduate with a focus on game design include quality assurance, level design, modeling, texture painting & lighting, as well as character animation.

Visual Effects Focus

CSUN offers classes for students who are interested in entering the VFX industry as Digital Compositors, Matte Painters, and Rotoscopers. Many students who take these classes find a hidden passion in the artistic process that comes along with digitally generating visual effects media.